The Studio (housed in our building Stable 1897) is in an neighborhood of downtown Atlanta historically known as Snake Nation and in modern times-Castleberry Hill. "The name Snake Nation is of unknown derivation that was used by the public press during the late-1840s and early 1850s to identify  a settlement along Peters Street from the railroad crossing South Fair Street (that was) devoted almost entirely to the criminal and immoral element."  Franklin Garrett confirms in his Atlanta and Environs.  "Snake Nation was the tenderloin district of the young town for many years." He also commented that law and order were perilously close to extension by 1851. The Atlanta City Council was in deep distress about the faro dens, cockfighting, drinking, prostitution, thievery, and murderous environments. When the 'Orderly' party won the election for mayor, a large body of disguised Atlantans raided Snake Nation and tried to burn it down." The building-Stable 1897, home to the studio, escaped the fire.